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The Entrepreneur Center

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The Entrepreneur Center


The idea is that more athletes get regular jobs than play professional sports.  Our aim is to make thousands of SMB entrepreneurs that make money, employ people, pay taxes and pass on real wealth.


When you were a kid, everything you said delighted your parents.  Unfortunately now nobody cares what you say.  You need to be OK with that.


Once an entrepreneur offers to play (put himself/herself at risk, work extra hard, etc) we outght to try to see to it that the best outcomes possible can be achieved.  In particular, we ought to 'conserve energy' so the entrepreneur can do it again - this may mean counseling the entrepreneur to abandon the project (which, like an airplane takeoff ought to be established at the front end, V1?)


It's not about the train, it's about the engineer.  If there's a train wreck, we want the Engineer alive so he can run the next train.


Traction vs Profit

Greater numbers require CRM

Meeting format:

  Story time

  Grief counseling

  What I want for Christmas: wish list

Business Plan Library: why not make it a networking tool?

Suicide Prevention Center: Legal, HR, Compliance, Insurance foundations

Hanging Party: does the idea make sense?  do the parts hang together? can it SCALE? (HR, Eng, Supply Chain, QC, Finance, etc.)

Lock Picking: identifying the key elements (tumblers) that have to click for this to work

Tire Kickers: like secret shoppers that test the execution of the plan, product, service

Marriage Counselors: partners: stress and divorce among partners

Morbidity & Mortality committee

Truth Squad (audits, holding the entrepreneur accountable, looking at the books, secret shoppers)

Loan sharks: finance consulting

Blow hards: PR, networking, branding, website and other FREE (or almost free) communication resources

Bookkeeping & Banking services: the bookkeeping service writes all checks and feeds this information back to the budget audit process

IT, Telecom & hosting infrastructure

Marketing, distribution, & business Model consulting

Angel of mercy

Advice Peddlers vs Heavy Lifters

Staying power & burn rate

Burn the boats

Compensation strategies


Don't waste the opportunity when you meet someone by not knowing what to say

hard to find good talent since you're nothing

Tell about PID loops and their similarity to running a business

Christmas Party: Dead beats ball


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