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Christmas Pony Story

Page history last edited by Kim Brand 11 years, 10 months ago



This is the Entrepreneur's Christmas Pony Story - as best as I can recall it from memory.  I don't remember who told me.


There was once a young entrepreneur who lived with cruel parents and insufferable siblings.  The parents and siblings were always playing tricks on him.  On a certain Christmas, they conspired to play the most cruel trick of all.


The young entrepreneur came downstairs early that Christmas.  He was delighted to find stockings stuffed with presents for his siblings - and one apparently well stuffed for himself - hanging from the fireplace mantle.


He raced to the fireplace, unhooked the stocking, and gazed into the stocking with anticipation and delight.  He found no toys, there was no candy there.  Rather, he found a warm pile of horse shit puddled at the bottom of the stocking. 


A smile grew on his face from ear to ear; he began to laugh uncontrollably.  His only disappointment was that nobody was yet awake to share his discovery!  His reaction was not disappointment - it was unbridled anticipation!


Though the rest of the house was still sleeping and he feared a loud cry might awaken his family, he couldn't resist exclaiming at the top of his lungs: "Where's the pony!!??"

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