The Lopsided bargain society makes with Entrepreneurs.


I say lopsided, because society, by a wide margin, gets the better end of the deal.  Most entrepreneurs fail in their efforts to start, run and prosper from a business.  Entrepreneurs take big risks and then, on balance, lose disproportionately.  Sometime famously and grandly, but most of the time they simply get eaten by the market silently and without alarm or notice.


Entrepreneurs are the bastions of economic hope in a society.  When doom and gloom surrounds consumers, entrepreneurs are painting, remodelling, investing, advertising and preparing for progress that may never come . . . but which leaves the business landscape improved regardless the outcome.


Self employment taxes make it less attractive that working for someone else where at least theoretically, half of social security and medicaid taxes are paid by your employer (along with the administration of those and many other tax collections which are burdensome.)


Would you rather be at risk of losing your job?  At least owning your own business means you won't get fired!