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Workforce Development Links

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Workforce Development Links, Resources & Reading List


The Next Industrial Revolution from The Atlantic

RSA Search page for The Future of Work

Connecting Learners and Employers With Digital Badges, Sometimes in Unexpected Ways - Pearson

Miners next to be obsolete in drive to eliminate workers: half of workers may lose jobs

Time to Talk Robots

The Condition of STEM 2016

Becoming a Man program helps improve lives of youth in Chicago

Shop Class as Soul Craft - An Inquiry into the Value of Work

World Economic Forum - Future of Jobs

Reimagining Workforce Development Policy

A particularly dark view of a dystopian future by Steven Hawking: This is the most dangerous time for our planet from The Guardian

Citi GPS Technology @ Wprk "47 percent of the US workforce is at risk of automation"

Brave New World of Robots - Washington Post

McKinsey article: Where Machines Can Replace Humans

Economic Report of the President - 2016

Sources of Economic Hope - Women's Entrepreneurship - McKinsey, 2014

Small Factories Emerge as a Weapon in the Fight Against Poverty - New York Times, October 2016

Mark Cuban says we should be prepared for robots to cause unemployment

March 2017: Evidence that Robots are winning the race for American Jobs

Scholarly article on National Bureau of Economic Research: The effect of robots on unemployment

And a contrarian article: Robots will Save the Economy

From the whitepaper: The Coming Productivity Boom

And more good news: http://www.progressivepolicy.org/blog/update-ecommerce-brick-mortar-retail-jobs/

2018 Innovation Employment Workforce Policies

High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For , ,University

Leading Practices for the State’s Secondary Career and Technical Education Programs

Brookings: Jobs for the working class

Poverty makes you stupid (not the title - my interpretation)

Southwest OH Workforce Readiness Strategy (other corners of the state here.)

Bridge The Gap, Rebuilding America's Middle Skills Harvard Business School + other think tanks

The CEO of Gallup, Jim Clifton, has lots of ideas about jobs: The Coming War for Jobs (available on AbeBooks.com for < $4) and Born to Build

WSJ: Trade School is Back

Brookings Institution: Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places


13 pages of links on the subject of AI + Career Development


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